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Techniques & Materials

We are specialized in (custom made) ;


Byzantine Mosaic designs (Cut technique)


The Byzantine Empire existed between 330 and 1453 AD. Mosaics of this period used richly colored glass smalti. They were mainly religious, showing Christian biblical themes within churches and similar buildings, but also portrayed the rulers of the empire.


Our craftsmen make byzantine designs and art with traditional byzantine technique, style and materials (smalti or marble). As you can imagine the process of making a byzantine mosaic design is extremely labour intensive and equals painting in complexity. Byzantine mosaic is art at its purest form.


- Italian Smalti

- Mexican Smalti

- Marble

- Gold

Venetian Mosaic designs (1x1cm mosaics - pixels)


Our Venetian mosaic designs are made with 1x1cm (3/8 Inch) mosaic vitreous glass tiles and/or marble. Vitreous glass tiles are thin, square mosaic tesserae. One side is normally curved and ridged for better grip on the adhesive. The other face is flat. Advantages are the durability of the material (suitable for outdoor use), and the fact that they produce an even, flat finished surface. For these reasons they are also used as a building material for cladding and decoration. 

We have a color palette of approx. 120 different colors available for making venetian mosaic designs.


- Solid glass mosaic tiles 1x1cm / 2x2cm / 5x5cm

- Transparent glass mosaic tiles 1x1cm

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Venetian mosaics.jpg

Venetian 1x1cm glass mosaic

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